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    Friday Gladheart

      How do you feel about the Wiccan Rede? Do you use some form of it incorporated into your own personal code of ethics? do you use it as a guideline before casting spells or doing magic?

      Laurel McAllister

        It’s good to know the Wiccan Rede is a guideline, not a rule. I’ve seen so many people act like it’s a rule. I recently saw an conversation in one of the Facebook Witch groups I’m in that discussed how some witches look down on those that don’t follow the rede, and how the traditions of Hoodoo and Voodoo don’t necessarily follow it because they are the traditions of enslaved BIPOC people. Sometimes those enslaved BIPOC people needed to use curses and hexes to cause harm to the white people that enslaved them. It was sometimes the only protection they had. Personally, I follow a version of the rede because I was raised in a family with a history of being Quakers. That pacifism and non-violence influenced my own personal code of ethics. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t ever hex someone to protect me and mine if I felt it was needed after serious consideration.

        Friday Gladheart

          Exactly! Although there are a few Wiccans who view it much like a commandment, Wiccans and Witches as a whole see it more with the original intention. the word rede itself derives from the Latin, Saxon, and German for advice, help, counsel. It is there to help you make decisions and plans when faced with ethical or moral dilemmas.

          When you look at Aradia, Gospel of the Witches (Charles Godfrey Leland, 1899) you see other mentions of using curses and hexes by oppressed Witches. Marginalized people have often found a home in Witchcraft as is evident by this book (which was very influential in the development of modern Witchcraft). The words Aradia imparted to her pupils in this book include:

          And ye shall all be freed from slavery,
          And so ye shall be free in everything;
          And as the sign that ye are truly free,
          Ye shall be naked in your rites, both men
          And women also: this shall last until
          The last of your oppressors shall be dead;

          I’m adding the book to the Comprehensive Witchcraft course today so you can take a look at this historical work in its entirety.

          Edward Midgett

            My personal ethics has always been trying to help others with any means that I have available to help with at the time!!!!!!!! And just being honest with everyone else that I meet in my lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!! The part of the rede that I enjoy is the part where it says fairly take and fairly give and these eight words abide ye in,and ye harm none,do as ye will!!!


              I believe the Wiccan Rede and Thomas Payne’s common sense have a lot of similarities. In general we should take care of each other and this planet on which we live. Dealing with each other as earthlings, no distinction of race, gender, or socioeconomic situation. Why is there war, because one side wants something the other side has? I believe we all learn about sharing when we are toddlers. Some hold on to selfish materialistic or territorial desires. We are all on this planet, we are all the same.


                The Rede is something I’ve followed forever without knowing the name of it. I believe in being a good human being. Helping those in Need and taking care of our earth. To me it’s just common sense. I think it’s important to remember what we do always has some sort of reaction, whether it be good or bad. Ichoose to put good out into the universe. The Rede gives me hope that maybe I can teach this to people and help them be better.


                I have had so many Ethics courses in my college studies and the hardest thing to swallow is that not everyone has Ethics.

                Having a written Rede as a guideline is helpful especially when one is dabbling into something such as witchcraft. These can protect the practioner and others that a spell may affect.

                I have learned that Intent has power. So in regards to the wording topic of this lesson, however you word, “And ye Harm none, so mote it be”…mean it with belief and intention. This is my belief.

                Lindsey Lyon

                  I really like the rede, its something i have lived by my whole life and never knew it. Do no harm to others. i believe this is a fundemental idea that maybe isnt law but it is the basis of living a good life. it also provide protection and a reminder of why you do what you do.
                  im horrile with words ,I hope i made sense.

                  Ratanna Rios

                    I believe you do no harm except in self defense. then you are “allowed” for lack of a better word, to defend yourself with 3Xs the energy or intention to harm.

                    Danni Scheffee

                      I believe in the three fold law. I was raised that way, before I started practicing. I really in my heart of hearts believe you get what you put out there. I will let Karma do my bidding when there is someone that has brought or done harm to me. I will speak to her and ask that she help it along. I really like the different ways the Rede has been put, however it all means the same thing.

                      Erica Hulse

                        I do believe we get back what we put out into the universe. I have always just tried to be a good and kind person, helping others always, to the point of it being my major flaw. More times than not, I’ve been taken advantage of and stepped on. I’m slowly learning that to truly help others, I must first take care of myself. With that being said, I do believe, eventually, those who did wrong will get back what they put out. Whether it be Three-fold Law, Karma, or what, it isn’t for me to judge. They will have to deal with the consequences of their actions.


                          Greetings from Damerious, this post is my opinion on the ethics and codes of wicca. If anyone is insulted please forgive me.
                          I believe and agree with the codes and guidelines and think anyone one who gets into wicca should follow them. I know every witch or wiccan has their own opinion on the codes and guidelines. I believe as a group if we are to be considered an official religion we should at least follow the 13 principles of wicca. As for the wiccan rede I believe that the one on self-defense is more appropriate to follow because sometimes one needs to defend themselves from harm and negative forces. However, I feel that even though you defend yourself you should always keep in mind that whatever you send out will come back to you threefold. So you are always responsible for your actions even if it is in self-defense. However, I am not sure if the consequences of your actions would be negative if the cause is self-defense. Blessed Be.


                            The Rede is almost a moral code everyone should follow in life, not just in Wicca or Witchcraft. I do appreciate that it isn’t a directed order, or rule. I dislike how in many religions you are put down or thought less of because you “aren’t doing what your suppose to”. Freedom of thought is amazing, and impowering. You are free to decipher it as you wish, and follow as it feels right to you. I have always believed in Karma. You will get in return what you give in the universe. If you are always surrounding yourself with negativity, and putting that type of energy out there, that is what you will attract. I always try my best, no one is perfect though, to think before I act. That however, is just my opinion.

                            Blessed be.


                              I appreciate the Rede as a guideline rather than a commandment. Life is different for everyone and a strict rule or commandment often does not cover the more complex moral dilemmas we might face in life. Although I recognize that others may see the Rede as a commandment, I see it as a guide that will help us stop and think when faced with difficult decisions.


                                I definitely follow it as a guideline in my witchcraft.

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