Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum & Focus-Courses

Witch Academy offers three core areas of study; Witchcraft, Herbs, and Tarot. These are comprehensive ongoing courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced practitioners. In addition to these comprehensive courses, there are Focus-Courses about color magic, candle magic, runes, DIY herbal projects, incense making, etc.

Witch Academy is the oldest and most highly respected online school for witchcraft. Founded in 1996 on the domain, the new platform now includes Zoom classes, a podcast, multiple instructor abilities, and much more. Witch Academy alumni now have grandchildren enrolled in the courses, and some alumni have gone on to author best-selling books.

Comprehensive Witchcraft takes you from the basics to very advanced work. Reading the Tarot shows you how to read the cards like a pro without consulting the book. Wortcunning & Herbalism takes you from seed to spell where you’ll learn everything from growing herbs to making lip balm and magical incense.