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    Friday Gladheart

      Merry meet and warm welcome everyone! Please introduce yourself here in The Courtyard forum.

      Edward Midgett

        My name is Tribul and I’ve been trying to get my stuff together for my B.O.S by myself and getting nowhere cause I just moved to West Milton, Ohio, and I don’t know if they have any covens here in town or not but I would like to find out if there’s one or not and if there’s one I might be able to check it out,and I’ve been doing wicca for 40-years now come this December the 19th

        Friday Gladheart

          Welcome Tribul! Good to see some alumi from here! Congrats of the long practice and the move. Check out some of the Facebook pages and groups (or this group) near you. They may have more information for West Milton.


          Hello all, I am Mamie Ola. My grandchildren call me Mamie and I like it so I have just started introducing myself as Mamie. When my daughter became pregnant and she wouldn’t let me be Ethel, I said Mame? We settled on Mamie. A couple weeks later I was visiting my ancestors at a graveyard I had not been to yet (working on my family tree) and there was Mamie Ola, my Great aunt who had died when she was 14. I took that as a Sign that I was truly to be Mamie.
          I started my slow journey in practicing over 15 years ago and I never got serious with it. I bought books, read WitchVox, watched documentaries, made soap, grew herbs, and I had my stones. But within the last two years, I have become more involved in learning more. I really hope to become more dedicated and proficient in my craft. (Typing this on my phone, there may be typos)


            Merry meet everyone! I’m Cloudwalker. I’ve been a solitary practicing eclectic Wiccan for about 26 years. Many, many lifetimes ago, I was brought to the dragons by my grandmother. They are still with me and I’m practicing a lot of dragon magic. I’m very happy to have this opportunity to learn from other witches!

            Lindsey Lyon

              Hi! I’m Lindsey.
              I’m not necessarily new to Wicca,but I am however reconnecting with it after a 18year stretch of rambling down different paths trudging along and I was brought back to this path,totally by fate.

              I just happened to walk into The Parlour with my best friend who I hadn’t seen in five years . We took a girls trip to Hot springs and I am ever so thankful we did.

              The calling of a familiar friend was there.
              I can’t explain it.

              I am grateful to be here and to be learning in my adult life.

              Kristi Alvarez

                Hello sisters and brothers I am kristi I started this spiritual journey about 5 years ago , but I am still at baby witch stage. My goal is to reach crone before I move on to the other side . I want to learn how to tell the healing story that tarot lays out for you and how to explain it . I stepped into my witch powers on this journey which has taught me many lessons like I can live life sober and happy by taking back all the power that I had given my 19 year addiction. I am learning to love and forgive myself , which is incredibly healing . I know that working with others can help me open up more to finding my purpose. merry meet and blessed be !

                Friday Gladheart

                  Merry meet Kristi,
                  The tarot can seem daunting but through the podcasts, videos, and chats you’ll be connecting the dots in no time. I’m excited to get home and get them going! See you soon!

                  Friday Gladheart

                    Your recovery and journey of healing is amazing.

                    Dawn Bogart

                      Hello everyone,
                      Happy New Year to you all. My name is Dawn. I live in Wisconsin with my husband Scott and my cat Hedwig. I really just started on my witchcraft journey last year. So I am new and I am solitary, although, I am getting up the courage to meet up with some pagans in my area. I consider myself an eclectic art witch with an affinity towards Celtic and Norse Paganism. I have felt called by Brigid and my ancestry is mostly Scottish/Irish/English. Yay for DNA testing as I do not know any biological family history as I was given to a stranger as a baby. But I have always been drawn to the United Kingdom area since I was a child. So my spirit knew where I was from I guess. I look forward to getting to know all of you.

                      Danni Scheffee

                        Good Morning, I think I put my introduction in the wrong place yesterday. So I am re-posting it here…. LOL

                        Good Morning,
                        My name is Danni, I am from Colorado. I have just joined the academy. I am not very good at introductions, but wanted to say hello. I am fairly new to the craft. I have always wanted to dive right in, but spent the last 3 years getting my tool collection going, I have bought a few books on the craft, and have an extensive crystal collection, however I have not yet began to use any of it. I was not sure where to start. I am a hands on learner, so reading the books I bought has been hard to follow. I feel a powerful pull in this direction, however I also feel like I have a block. I decided to look up online courses or one on one interactive places for the craft, and here I am. I thought I would start here, maybe learning some basics first. I do have an older sister that I did not know I had till 2013. When I found out she practices or used to practice, I became that much more intrigued. Unfortunately she does not live close to me and has since stopped practicing. I have a very supportive husband and 7 kids that all know how I feel about Witchcraft, so I am very fortunate that I do not have to hide this from my inner circle. In fact my 14 year old daughter just asked for her first Tarot Deck! I am super excited to be here and can’t wait to start. Thank you for having me! Blessed Be!

                        Erica Hulse

                          Merry Meet and good morning everyone,

                          I’m Erica and I live in rural Southeast Arkansas. I’ve lived here most of my life, adopted as premature baby, to a Baptist minister. I always had questions about why we would believe certain things, why we couldn’t do certain things, and mostly what made our way of believing “better” than someone else’s. As you can imagine, this didn’t go over so smoothly. After I turned 18 and graduated, I joined the military and got out of dodge. My eyes were opened to a whole new world and I wanted to experience as much as I could! I read a few books about Wicca and Witchcraft and even met a few friends. While I found it all interesting, there was also a lot of guilt and shame, so I never fully began to practice. Here I am almost 30 years later…back in my hometown, back in the same rut, but with a now 16 year old daughter. I’m criticized for not “making” her go to church and how I need to be in church. Is it so wrong that I want her to form her own opinions and beliefs? Imagine my surprise when I see her growing collection of crystals and books on Witchcraft! Sorry for the long post, but it’s only a part of why I’m here, trying to make my own path.


                            Merry Meet, All
                            I’m Nancy. I’m fairly new to the Craft. I’ve known since I was a teen that I belonged, but I was too busy being a teen to do anything about it. In my 20’s I was a mom, and too busy raising children. Now they are grown and I have time on my hands to finally be me. I’ve been buying books and reading a lot for about two years now. I didn’t believe I should just jump in until I had read much. Well, it turns out that I hate reading books. I muddled through a lot of them. I recently decided it was time for an Altar. It looks amazing! From New York to the Bible Belt of SC, my Irish Catholic husband is less than pleased. Don’t care. So, I am solitary but have an online friend who is encouraging. I am so glad to have accidentally come across The Practical Witches Almanac (a gift from a local store) which has led me here. Now I’m ready to get my feet (more) wet! Thank you for letting me introduce myself (if you got this far), and Blessed Be.

                            Jenna Klipfel

                              Merry Meet!
                              I am slowly learning my path. I feel I have been called to this path since I was a small child. Growing up in a hispanic Catholic family there was no room for my beliefs. Now that I am an adult and have raised my family (outside of the Catholic church) I am ready to evolve. I need peace and it is time to find it in my spiritual growth. Please to be here with all my sisters and brothers. Blessed be !


                                Merry Met All,
                                My name is Alisha, and this is a new journey for me. For the past couple of years, I have done some research, and became more drawn to a more nature driven spirituality. Growing up I was always really agnostic. I wasn’t in a household where we really talked of religion, but there were no negativity towards it either. My brother found his own way to Christianity, but I never really felt a pull towards any certain religion even after going to a private Catholic School when I was 6-8.(Only because the other public schools were more “high-Risk” in that city, but we moved shortly after.) I always knew that one thing that always made me feel at peace was mother nature. I am never more comfortable then I am when on top of a mountain, or waking up in the middle of the woods. My mother raised me, my brother, and sister alone. I’ve always had so much respect for her, and thought that took so much courage, and resilience. This I believe has drawn me to embracing female goddess or deity. I am excited to really begin this journey, and find more about my true self. One step at a time. Blessed be.

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