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Hello all, I am Mamie Ola. My grandchildren call me Mamie and I like it so I have just started introducing myself as Mamie. When my daughter became pregnant and she wouldn’t let me be Ethel, I said Mame? We settled on Mamie. A couple weeks later I was visiting my ancestors at a graveyard I had not been to yet (working on my family tree) and there was Mamie Ola, my Great aunt who had died when she was 14. I took that as a Sign that I was truly to be Mamie.
I started my slow journey in practicing over 15 years ago and I never got serious with it. I bought books, read WitchVox, watched documentaries, made soap, grew herbs, and I had my stones. But within the last two years, I have become more involved in learning more. I really hope to become more dedicated and proficient in my craft. (Typing this on my phone, there may be typos)