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Friday Gladheart

    Exactly! Although there are a few Wiccans who view it much like a commandment, Wiccans and Witches as a whole see it more with the original intention. the word rede itself derives from the Latin, Saxon, and German for advice, help, counsel. It is there to help you make decisions and plans when faced with ethical or moral dilemmas.

    When you look at Aradia, Gospel of the Witches (Charles Godfrey Leland, 1899) you see other mentions of using curses and hexes by oppressed Witches. Marginalized people have often found a home in Witchcraft as is evident by this book (which was very influential in the development of modern Witchcraft). The words Aradia imparted to her pupils in this book include:

    And ye shall all be freed from slavery,
    And so ye shall be free in everything;
    And as the sign that ye are truly free,
    Ye shall be naked in your rites, both men
    And women also: this shall last until
    The last of your oppressors shall be dead;

    I’m adding the book to the Comprehensive Witchcraft course today so you can take a look at this historical work in its entirety.