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Laurel McAllister

    It’s good to know the Wiccan Rede is a guideline, not a rule. I’ve seen so many people act like it’s a rule. I recently saw an conversation in one of the Facebook Witch groups I’m in that discussed how some witches look down on those that don’t follow the rede, and how the traditions of Hoodoo and Voodoo don’t necessarily follow it because they are the traditions of enslaved BIPOC people. Sometimes those enslaved BIPOC people needed to use curses and hexes to cause harm to the white people that enslaved them. It was sometimes the only protection they had. Personally, I follow a version of the rede because I was raised in a family with a history of being Quakers. That pacifism and non-violence influenced my own personal code of ethics. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t ever hex someone to protect me and mine if I felt it was needed after serious consideration.