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    Merry Meet, All
    I’m Nancy. I’m fairly new to the Craft. I’ve known since I was a teen that I belonged, but I was too busy being a teen to do anything about it. In my 20’s I was a mom, and too busy raising children. Now they are grown and I have time on my hands to finally be me. I’ve been buying books and reading a lot for about two years now. I didn’t believe I should just jump in until I had read much. Well, it turns out that I hate reading books. I muddled through a lot of them. I recently decided it was time for an Altar. It looks amazing! From New York to the Bible Belt of SC, my Irish Catholic husband is less than pleased. Don’t care. So, I am solitary but have an online friend who is encouraging. I am so glad to have accidentally come across The Practical Witches Almanac (a gift from a local store) which has led me here. Now I’m ready to get my feet (more) wet! Thank you for letting me introduce myself (if you got this far), and Blessed Be.