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    Merry Meet Everyone
    I’m Summerlight and was given this name by deity while meditating under a peacharine tree in the back yard. Apparently, they like the colour of my hair. I have been Wiccan since 1994 because this spirituality has fulfilled my needs to cope with all aspects of life and it is still giving me joy as well as hope for the future. I am a cavy mother of six furry potatoes that have overtaken my dining room and lounge room. I have lost one of my best friends Jake a week ago that even made the Vet shed tears. I’m a carer to both my Husband and Mum and they are fully accepting of my chosen spirituality. I live in Oz in the Southern Hemisphere and the fact that the Keymaster Friday Gladheart mentioned about this topic respectfully and practically is what has drawn me to learn more here. I love being a student because there’s always more to learn and practice, and I don’t know what I don’t know! I am a smidge closer to 60 more than I’d like, but I feel like I’m 18. The body doesn’t agree with this at all! I didn’t choose the faith I was born into which always bothered me and the one I chose after that was not much better. I was instinctively drawn to Wicca and have loved it ever since. It’s difficult to get a read on a person from a few brief lines but the fun is in learning over time, I guess.