Friday Gladheart

Friday is the author of The Practical Witch's Almanac, a personal planner and guide that has been in annual publication for decades. Her articles and DIY projects appear in major Pagan, Wiccan, and secular periodicals, and she tours the United States for book signing appearances, workshops, and classes in Witchcraft, tarot, and herbalism. In 1996 she founded, the oldest and most highly respected online academy for Witchcraft which branched to its new domain in 2020. She spends most of her time teaching, writing, counseling, and creating websites while developing an organic teaching garden and sanctuary near the oldest National Forest in the southern United States. She has worked as a professional psychic tarot reader since 1991.

Speedy Academy

As the software configurations and structure of the Academy are finalizing, major improvements have been made to SPEED!   Today all images were optimized and converted to webp format, and other optimizations and caching have been performed.  This will greatly speed up the entire Academy website.  For those in rural areas or with internet speeds under

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Ease of Use

Now when you log in, you will go directly to your new dashboard. The front page of your profile has your current course curriculum. You can edit your bio, add a header or avatar, check your quizzes, enter any courses you are taking or teaching, review your enrollment, and much more. You can also get

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Sticky Top Menu

I’ve made the top menu of the website “sticky” so it travels with you as you scroll down pages.  Let me know in The Courtyard forum, or by contacting me via text message if this doesn’t work well for you or if it takes up too much space on your device’s screen.

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