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Danni Scheffee

    Good Morning, I think I put my introduction in the wrong place yesterday. So I am re-posting it here…. LOL

    Good Morning,
    My name is Danni, I am from Colorado. I have just joined the academy. I am not very good at introductions, but wanted to say hello. I am fairly new to the craft. I have always wanted to dive right in, but spent the last 3 years getting my tool collection going, I have bought a few books on the craft, and have an extensive crystal collection, however I have not yet began to use any of it. I was not sure where to start. I am a hands on learner, so reading the books I bought has been hard to follow. I feel a powerful pull in this direction, however I also feel like I have a block. I decided to look up online courses or one on one interactive places for the craft, and here I am. I thought I would start here, maybe learning some basics first. I do have an older sister that I did not know I had till 2013. When I found out she practices or used to practice, I became that much more intrigued. Unfortunately she does not live close to me and has since stopped practicing. I have a very supportive husband and 7 kids that all know how I feel about Witchcraft, so I am very fortunate that I do not have to hide this from my inner circle. In fact my 14 year old daughter just asked for her first Tarot Deck! I am super excited to be here and can’t wait to start. Thank you for having me! Blessed Be!