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Wortcunning & Herbalism

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This is a comprehensive course on the art and science of using botanicals (herbs, spices, roots, resins) to make ointments, potions, incense, beauty products, and more.  Learn how to cultivate herbs, preserve them, extract them, and most importantly HOW and WHEN to use them for magic and health.

This course will help you understand the magical, medicinal, and other uses for herbs and plants from gardening or growing your own indoors to creating potions, lotions, incense, brews, and much more.

This course is a hands-on approach that teaches you about herbs through a series of projects for potions and brews, interspersed with valuable information about herbalism from magic and medicine to cultivation and harvesting.

As you read each lesson, take notes in your own book of shadows or journal as you find necessary.  Also, try to read any of the books that are available to you or web sites listed under ‘further reading’ at the bottom of some pages.  These extras are provided to expand upon opposing and complementary viewpoints.

As you read, you will notice words followed by a number or an asterisk (*).  These numbers1 or an asterisk correspond to the “References & Resource” section at the end of a lesson.  This section contains bibliographical notes, definitions or elaborations, or additional information.  Please don’t skip over this area as there are many exam questions that rely on the information you will gain from the “References & Resources”.

This is an ongoing course, filled with many projects and recipes.  You do not have to participate formally in this course by taking exams for scoring.  Instead, you may simply enjoy all the fun ideas and brews!  If you see an area that interests you, just jump right in at that project.  Most of the lessons in this course are full, stand-alone projects.  However they do slowly become more advanced and information in later projects builds on what you have learned in earlier projects.  Because of this, it may be helpful if you read them in order, but it is not required.

If you wish to participate formally, you do so by submitting an exam (Midterm, Final, Quizes, etc.).  Your exams along with your participation in the Wortcunning Course Forum will accumulate credits for you automatically.  To complete this course, you must receive 80% of the possible credits for the entire course.

References & Resources

* asterisk is from the Greek asteriskos meaning little star.  This is an example of definitions and elaboration used throughout the session materials and marked with an asterisk or *.
1.  A bibliographical note might appear here in the lessons you read.


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