Reading the Tarot

Reading the Tarot

Reading the Tarot

Your Tarot Manual

Tarot Booklet

Chances are your tarot deck came with a little insert similar to the one above.  This small booklet contains some traditional keywords, and usually a sample layout.  However, it is very little help in teaching you how to actually use your tarot deck.  The first few lessons of this course are Your Tarot’s Maintenance Manual (The one they didn’t include with your cards.)

Forget the superstitious mumbo jumbo. Clear your head of all the myths you’ve ever heard or read. This is a practical and grounded guide for working with the tarot.

Many readers develop unhealthy and inaccurate myths or opinions about the tarot. You may have even developed opinions that are discredited in this manual, and throughout the Tarot Proficiency course.  However, it is important for you to start good habits now before you run into problems down the line such as fear, anxiety, burn out and broken tarot cards.* This guide will help you to avoid many of the roadblocks professional readers run into.

If you follow these lessons through to the end, I believe that you will have all the information you need to do accurate and professional readings, and you will be able to continue utilizing the tarot as a tool of enrichment for the rest of your life. . . . . and since you’ll have that deck for a long time, here’s how you take care of it so it will take care of you!

* Note: What makes me such a smarty pants about these myths? I have worked with hundreds of professional tarot readers and have done well over 25,000 tarot readings. Yes, really over twenty-five thousand.  For almost two decades I read tarot for about 30 clients a day and managed over 250 professional tarot readers across the United States.  At the time of this writing, I continue to do about 50 tarot readings a month.  I have seen what works, and what doesn’t for many readers and for many readings, so this may be the most opinionated lesson in this entire tarot course, and may even be the most opinionated lesson of the entire site.

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