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Comprehensive Witchcraft

Comprehensive Witchcraft

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Comprehensive Witchcraft Class

From the very basics through advanced meditation and energy work, you will discover what works best for you without any pressure to follow just one tradition.

The emphasis of this class is to help you find your footing on your own path, whatever Pagan or other paths you travel.  This is a comprehensive online course in Witchcraft that is designed to give you a complete understanding of the Craft, without emphasizing any one tradition or specific path.  Numerous traditions are covered, and you are encouraged to think critically while exploring intuitively.

This is not a Wicca 101 course as it goes far beyond ranks or levels.  It is a complete study of a wide variety of Witchcraft and Wiccan traditions, in the context of finding what works for You.  You will be presented with both very simple and quite advanced ideas and techniques, but most importantly you will question your beliefs, thoughts, ideas, and desires.  You will probably learn about yourself as much as you do Witchcraft, and find a path of practice that enriches your life.

Because the path of a Witch is a living spiritual tradition, current lessons are occasionally changed, updated, and improved.  New materials are frequently added to augment the current online classes, and questions are welcome.

You can begin the course by simply reading the lessons, listening to the podcasts and watching the videos in order, and practicing the meditations, projects, and exercises as you like.  Proceed at your own pace and join in any extra activities, discussions, chats, field trips, etc. whenever you like.   When you feel you are ready, take the exams and quizzes.

A certificate of completion is available when you successfully finish this course.  This certificate can be shown to outer court training to your local groups or covens, or it can just be a nice symbol of your work and study kept in your Book of Shadows or framed on the wall.  You may contact your instructor (Friday Gladheart) at any time for individual assistance, or to just toss around ideas.